vocal ensemble Cappella

Since its formation in 1997, the vocal ensemble Cappella has focused mainly on Gregorian chants and sacred music of the Renaissance Franco-Flemish School including Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ockeghem, and Josquin des Pres. In accordance with their belief that those kinds of music prove their real worth when performed within the liturgical framework, the ensemble organizes their concerts in the form of Mass or Vespers, incorporating plainchants, and cantillation or chanting of Latin Biblical texts in juxtaposition with polyphonic pieces. During their performances Cappella makes it a rule to use music in the original notation system dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, with all the singers standing around a single large choirbook placed on a high music stand. The Latin language is pronounced and sung in “French way” as Renaissance Flemish singers are supposed to have done. In addition, the members are trained in the vocalization specially adapted for harmony in pure tuning as well as for the acoustic environment within church buildings. Since the sonority of pure fifth and natural overtones of their performance brings audiences more than mere comfort, some people describe it as “healing sound.”
All the members are professional singers who studied singing in Japan and/or abroad with broad experience as soloist in various genres including sacred music, opera and instrumentally accompanied songs.

vocal ensemble Cappella has released 13 CDs, including the complete masses of Josquin des Prez.

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